Episode 11 - A New Hope

A brand new year. A time for new beginnings. A fresh start if you will.  Why not make kick your year offby listening to Nate and Mike discuss their picks for starting a new.

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Episode 12 - Second Chances

Our second episode of the year, naturally we have already run out of great ideas so we had to borrow this one from a listener. Thanks Jeff.  Anyway,  Episode 12 is all about second chances. How many times have you looked at an album cover or heard a band name and just thought meh, I'm not going to like this band one bit then years later you finally discover I really should have given that band a better listen? Probably not as often as us. This episode is all about finding out that true love was blind. Well that and respect. It is always about respect. Why are you still reading this? Can't you see I'm just adding filler. Go listen already. Then send in your list.

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Episode 13 - Under The Covers

Cover Songs. Love them or hate them the cover song is ever prevalent in punk rock. Nate and Mike head into the basement to give a high five to the cover song. So put on your headphones, grab a can of diet pop and get under the covers with us and when it is all over get us your list.

Episode 14 - Going Places
Nate and Mike head into the dark dingy basement and dream about going places. Not us because we aren't going anywhere. Unless one of our cries for sponsorship kicks in and they pay for us to head to FEST. But back to more important things, Episode 14 is about some of our favorite songs that are about places. Go listen and remember to send us your lists via twitter, email, Facebook, or creepy fan mail with nail clippings. 


As promised here is link to the new Darryl's Grocery Bag release. Please go check it out and support this awesome band.


Episode 15 - Songs With A Girls Name In The Title
Nate and Mike head into the basement and discuss top 5 songs with a girls name in the title. We also got to play a special unreleased track that Matt Pryor of Get Up Kids/New Amsterdams wrote at the request of Nate. Check it out and get your lists in.

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Episode 16

Can you believe the year is half done?  2016 has been a great year for music so far so we decided to dust off the old microphones and get talking about our favorite releases. There were so many it felt like Christmas. But we cut it down to a five each. Have a listen, disagree with us and then send us your list.

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Episode 17 - After a few weeks of dark dreary rain we finally saw that weird yellow thing in the sky that burns your eyes when you look at it and it felt like a great day to release Episode 17. Why you ask? Because this one is all about songs for the summer. Give it a listen and send us your picks for the songs that get your summer started.


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Episode 18 - Mike and Nate Make A Mixtape

We switched things up a little for this episode and decided to incorporate some of the great ideas that people have sent us for episode topics. Basically, we took 12 topics and we each picked 5 topics randomly to come up with a mix tape episode incorporating these picks.  Give it a listen and get your picks in for this month. Pick either Nate or Mikes or if you are adventurous do them all.


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Episode 19 - So This Is Growing Up

Episode 19 is all about growing up, not that Nate or Mike consider themselves "grown ups" but hey punk rock is filled with songs about the topic so we figured hey lets try and see what all this growing up business is about. Check out our picks and then send in yours. Thanks for listening.

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Episode 20 - The One About Movies

"Basically I'm A Nerd That Likes That Kind of Shit"

Nate and Mike head into the basement on a cold snowy night to discuss some of their favorite movies references in music. It took some digging but music is littered with these sometimes subtle references. Take a listen as we sift through our music knowledge and then hopefully you one up us with your lists.

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Episode 21 - The One About Sports with Special Guest Jay Radke (Of DGB and Super listener fame)

Nate and Mike opened up the basement to long time listener and music collector extraordinaire Jay and we discussed the marriage of punk rock and sports. Hey I know it sounds crazy but it was shockingly easy to find punk rock songs that had sports references. So get out your yoga mat or put on your running shoes and take a listen to what we came up with. Then in between crunches get your list to us. 

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