• Live album

• Bands that are one song at a time

• Bands with only three members

• Bands you were late to the party on

• Best artwork

• Bands we discovered from each other

• Bands that only released one album

• Song you can listen to on repeat

• A Song That Breaks Your Heart

• A Song used in a movie/TV

Episode 27 - Nate and Mike make a mix tape volume 2

Last year we tried something a little bit different and incorporated some of the great ideas that people had sent us for episode topics. Then we took 10 topics and we each picked 5 topics randomly to come up with a mix tape episode incorporating these picks. Welcome to Nate & Mike Make a Mix Tape Volume 2. Go give it a listen and get your picks in for this month. Pick either Nate or Mikes or if you are adventurous do them all.



As always if your band appears on the podcast and you are pissed off about it please let us know and we will remove it. Remember support the bands, go to shows, buy the music and keep it alive.

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